Saturday, May 12, 2012

The White Girl Manifesto - Track One Complete

Now i won't release what I've recorded yet but I am really proud to say that I just finished the first track off the mixtape. I really wanted to lay the pavement for this song and let everyone know what I'm about. The mixtape is going to be named 404's & Bathroom Floors, for two reasons. The first - being my SP-404, i love that fucking machine. (For those that don't know, its a little sampler, simular to kanye's 808 but not a drum machine). And second, an ode to Atmosphere. Atmosphere was the first hip-hop i ever truly heard. I mean you can listen to shit all day, but when i was 9 years old and i stole my sister's CD's - i truly heard Slug. Modern Man's Hustle changed my life forever, and for that i thank slug and the whole crew. God's Bathroom Floor is truly a beautiful song and Ant made a masterpiece of a beat.

I really wanted the first track to be about what i'm about - where i'm from, who i am, and i wanted to clearly state what i'm not trying to be. Life is all about perception. In this perception you can create anything, be anything, do anything that you want. My perception of myself and the stuff that flies around in my head is that of a crazy 12 year old on hallucogenics - but that's what i truly believe. I mean you might think I am just who I am at the surface. And that's all good. Just know that my craft is about my perception.

So this beat is just straight up from God's Bathroom Floor, it's so beautiful i didn't want to do anything to compromise it.

Manifesto - this is what we wanna see happen.....