Saturday, December 10, 2011


Ghostface Killah - Whip You With A Strap

This song progressively kept getting awesome.
1. The beat pulled at my heartstrings
2. Dilla produced it
3. The first line ghostface said "snotty nose", probably my favourite lines used in hiphop (DOOM, Earl, etc.)

You know you've succeeded as a producer when you can evoke emotion just with your beats. I had to sit back for two seconds and actually let it sink in. So amazing.

Ghostface is in Vancouver on Wednesday and i couldn't be more fucking pumped.

More Ghostface:
Mighty Healthy


I love this take on Madvillan's "All Caps", Earl redid this and called it "Deerskin". He has the zaniest flow! He wrote this when he was FOURTEEN. Jesus.

Get more ass than potty holes - had these naughty flows ever since I was a snotty nose..

Here's the instrumental - it's also so good.

Madvillan - All Caps (Instrumental)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Witness - Yesterday's Wake

My man Witness doing a live recording of probably one of my favourite poetic songs of all time - Yesterday's Wake. So beautiful. Just listen to the lyrics - something about it just resonates with you.
Also he has a really sexy voice.

Oh and he can rap kinda fast too i guess.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Funk - Charles Bradley

Funk legend.

Charles Bradley - The World (Goin Up In Flames)

Only watch if you have orgasmic headphones on.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Walk like a p-iymp - Talk like a mac

Jay-Z - Cashmere Thoughts.

I've been listening to 'Reasonable Doubt' a lot, classic Jay. This is back when all his tracks were so $, the beats are all superb. Lyrically, you can't fuck with him either.

I talk jewels and spit diamonds - all cherry, like a hymenWhen i'm rhyming with remarkable timing

Kind of a weird coincidence - after i decided I would blog this today on my way to school - i went on twitter and this is the first thing i saw. Mike G from Odd future talking about the same thing. Weird.

Also, on another note - I was wondering if there was any women MC's doing REAL music. Not singing in the background, not representing white girl mob, REAL. ASS. WOMEN. RHYMING. ABOUT. REAL. THINGS. ON. REAL. BEATS. I wasn't sure if they existed - but i was on the bus home today listening to one of my favorite MF DOOM records 'MM..Food.' and this song came on and i was super pumped when i heard a girls voice on this dirty beat. Her flow is exactly like Doom's. All she needs to do is say something about being a snotty nose or make some 'pew pew' sound effects and she'd be golden.

MF DOOM - Guinessez (ft. Angelika + 4ize)

I love ALL the refrences to good Beers in his raps and beats. So fucking awesome:
I should've debtted it from Genisis
Instead of hittin them Guinnessez

This one is from 'Money Folder', probably my most favourite Doom line of all time:
Don't mind me, I wrote this rhyme lightly off of two or three Hieni's
And boy was they fine - Gee!
One black, one spanish, one chinee'
Keeps the woody shiny year round like a pine tree


Sunday, December 4, 2011

I can't wait to rap

I am such a geek. Like for real - a fucking walking paradox.

I got eternal sunshine around me like I'm Jim Carrey
Pop the top like a virgin without a cherry
Yes, indeed - i'm very necessary
Now I aint no California Girl - But I can be your Katy Perry.

everyone help me think of a good MC name.
so far:
- Mc Bloodbath McGrath
- Meghann the great
- Meghann the Giant
- DJ Cunty C

Saturday, December 3, 2011

For Your Precious Love

Otis Redding -

You put this song on when you want to fall in love, its just one of those songs. I can not express my love for Otis Redding, he is the one musician that can make me have a straight up eargasm when im driving to work. Like actually - siezuring movements and just straight up yelling. I would be embarrased - but i have no shame. This song is actually amazing. I'm naming my child Otis - hope thats okay with you guys. Probably shouldn't sample this track, maybe the first like 20 seconds as a loop - but it's delicate.

Also on a side note if anyone is looking for good samples, invest in some Frankie Vallie. This song was in an Adidas commercial but nobody will remember thaaat. I would slow this one down. The percussion is swaggy.

Frankie Valli - Beggin' (1967)
give it like 30 seconds to kick

Also Smokie Robinson + The Miracles - I Second That Emotion
AHHHHH. i love him.
definitely snip that chorus.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fuck Bitches - Get Money

Biggie ft. Lil Kim - Get Money

This isn't a new track for anyone, just a fucking classic. THIS IS WHY LIL KIM WILL ALWAYS BE BETTER THAN NICKI MINAJ. She works with REAL MC's. She writes dirty, filthy raps. And she's actually hard as fuck.

She has such a unique, masculine (yet feminin) flow that mimic's biggy's sooo well for this song. Minaj spits ridiculous, don't get me wrong - but it's more or less word barf and half of the things she says are only because they rhyme together. Yah shes shes got the "superb ass", but thats only because she has implants. I hope to god no girl EVER makes rhymes about how her fake boobs are the 'greattits'.

Just listen to her verse. It gives me a boner.