Saturday, November 19, 2011

Baby Don't Forget Me, I'm A Traveling Man.

DJ Honda ft. Mos Def - Travelling Man

This is such a beautiful song. Mos Def's flow is so melodic, he's so incomparable to any other artists. This song really resonates with me right now for some reason, it always has since the second I heard it. Just a constant reminder to not sweat people who come and go, in and out of your life, if there supposed to be back - then they will be back. Love and detachment my man.

That brings me to Blakroc. (For those that don't know - check it out. The Black Keys x amazing MC's and members of wu-tang) Holy cow I have a raging erection whenever i watch the webisodes of him and all those brothers making some funky ass music. Every rapper I bring up on here I keep saying is my favourite. I can't help it. But Real talk though - Mos Def may be the best.

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