Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What's Up Fatlip!?

Fatlip - What's Up Fatlip?

Such a swanky old track. Listen to this back when i was like twelve. Just realized Fatlip is apart of Pharcyde (previously blogged), and worked with The Roots and even Dilla. The beat brings me back to some Slick Rick and Pete Rock old school beats. Sittinnnnnnn in my car, waiting for youuuu.

Man. I talk about these cats like they are my friends. While i'm just some skinny-ass suburban white girl - I realize the irony, i do - i just don't care. I just fucking love this music. I am convinced I'm some kind of reincarnation of some big black MC who is a lot cooler than me....

Also below... Just remembered this. Such a dirty track.

Fatlip - Today's Your  Day

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  1. Fatlip is my favorite rapper of all time.

    He is the reason I started rapping. But, I've always wondered what the hell happened to his voice on his solo record. You mean to tell me the dude who dropped the silky smooth second verse on "She Said" (Amsterdam Remix preferred, of course) is the same dude on the solo record?

    What happened?