Saturday, December 3, 2011

For Your Precious Love

Otis Redding -

You put this song on when you want to fall in love, its just one of those songs. I can not express my love for Otis Redding, he is the one musician that can make me have a straight up eargasm when im driving to work. Like actually - siezuring movements and just straight up yelling. I would be embarrased - but i have no shame. This song is actually amazing. I'm naming my child Otis - hope thats okay with you guys. Probably shouldn't sample this track, maybe the first like 20 seconds as a loop - but it's delicate.

Also on a side note if anyone is looking for good samples, invest in some Frankie Vallie. This song was in an Adidas commercial but nobody will remember thaaat. I would slow this one down. The percussion is swaggy.

Frankie Valli - Beggin' (1967)
give it like 30 seconds to kick

Also Smokie Robinson + The Miracles - I Second That Emotion
AHHHHH. i love him.
definitely snip that chorus.

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