Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Walk like a p-iymp - Talk like a mac

Jay-Z - Cashmere Thoughts.

I've been listening to 'Reasonable Doubt' a lot, classic Jay. This is back when all his tracks were so $, the beats are all superb. Lyrically, you can't fuck with him either.

I talk jewels and spit diamonds - all cherry, like a hymenWhen i'm rhyming with remarkable timing

Kind of a weird coincidence - after i decided I would blog this today on my way to school - i went on twitter and this is the first thing i saw. Mike G from Odd future talking about the same thing. Weird.

Also, on another note - I was wondering if there was any women MC's doing REAL music. Not singing in the background, not representing white girl mob, REAL. ASS. WOMEN. RHYMING. ABOUT. REAL. THINGS. ON. REAL. BEATS. I wasn't sure if they existed - but i was on the bus home today listening to one of my favorite MF DOOM records 'MM..Food.' and this song came on and i was super pumped when i heard a girls voice on this dirty beat. Her flow is exactly like Doom's. All she needs to do is say something about being a snotty nose or make some 'pew pew' sound effects and she'd be golden.

MF DOOM - Guinessez (ft. Angelika + 4ize)

I love ALL the refrences to good Beers in his raps and beats. So fucking awesome:
I should've debtted it from Genisis
Instead of hittin them Guinnessez

This one is from 'Money Folder', probably my most favourite Doom line of all time:
Don't mind me, I wrote this rhyme lightly off of two or three Hieni's
And boy was they fine - Gee!
One black, one spanish, one chinee'
Keeps the woody shiny year round like a pine tree


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